Refresher Courses

Scuba Refresher Courses
Very Simple and Supoer FUN!!
R650 Per Person – 2 – 3 Hrs – Conducted ANYTIME!

It is ideal to do it over weekends.

I will provide all gear as required.

We will start with a brief theory review and also a quick dive tables recap.
From there we move onto gear assembly and onto the pool, the idea of the course is to get you familiar with you gear and to get you comfy in the water again.
We will run through a quick skills circuit and then spend the majority of the time sorting out buoyancy control.
Once we are all sorted and you are 100% happy I will sign off your dive log that your refresher has been completed and you must just show that to the dive resort when you go away.

The pool is ideally situated in Chartwell Fourways and I have attached the Map on how to get to there as well.

To confirm I will just need you to send me your name and surname and contact details so we can sort out the invoice.

I will also need to get the following info from you to ensure we bring the right sized gear for you.

Shoe Size:
Waist Size:
Male / Female:
Date you would like to do the course:
When last you dived:
Anything you would like to focus on during the course: (Eg Mask Clearing, weighting, Buoyancy control)

Once I receive all this info I will send the invoice and get things confirmed.

Should you have any further queries please feel free to contact me and I will gladly assist you.

For more info contact:
083 645 3191